We are a brotherhood of bikers bound by a faith relationship in Jesus Christ, a passion for bikers and the freedom of the open road.  Bikers reaching bikers with the message of true freedom in Jesus Christ.

Do I have to ride or own a motorcycle to go to Freedom Biker Church?

Of course not.  Not everyone who comes to FBC is a biker or rides.  We jokingly say at Freedom, there are two types of people who come to Freedom... those who ride, and those who will ride.  Maybe that's not you, but you're still welcome to join us. Just remember, our vision and our passion is to reach the motorcycle community. Folks that come and check us out enjoy the realness and honesty of our ministry. We are all about a real relationship with Jesus Christ, and are passionate for the open road.  

What type of ministries do your churches offer?

​Every FBC offers everything any mainstream church on the corner will offer. Kids ministries, youth ministries, men's and ladies ministries, Bible studies, etc.  We just do it with biker style.

What makes Freedom different from other motorcycle ministries?

​We are a church and that is a big difference.  We do set-up at biker events, do rides, and work with area biker hangouts and dealerships, but what is different is that after every rally or event we offer a place to come and learn more about a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Whether you are searching for something real, or have found it in Christ, FBC is a place you can call HOME.  We love working with area MC's and MM's as we support each other in this calling to reach motorcyclists.

How should I dress to come to Freedom?

The way you do every day...  You can't go to your closet and put on a dress or suit of holiness.  Being right with God starts from the inside.  With the HEART!  We want you to dress modest of course, and respect others, but come as you are and be yourself.  Remember, its not about you, its about God, and what he wants to do in you and with you.



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