Is to be a Brotherhood of Bikers who are bound by their faith relationship in Jesus Christ.  Bikers who have a passion for other bikers and the open road, reaching others with the message of Real Freedom in Jesus.


Our Mission

​​​Gather > Grow > Go> 

We are a church on the move, GATHERING bikers from all over the country with the message of real freedom, GROWING them into committed followers of Christ, and sending them (GOING) back into the world to reach other unchurched bikers.

  • A real personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  • ​Character development as we continue to grow in Christ

  • ​Study of the Bible, our "Owner's Manual for Life"

  • ​Strengthening our Family and our Brotherhood (Sisters too)

  • ​Provide an atmosphere that supports and affirms the biker way of life

  • ​Be real in Christ... genuine, authentic relationships

  • ​Promoting an environment of Freedom for all people

  • ​Developing leadership in future churches in the biker world


Our purpose as a church is simple...

Reach unchurched bikers!

Our core "family" values

About US

We are a brotherhood of bikers bound by a faith relationship in Jesus Christ, a passion for bikers and the freedom of the open road.  Bikers reaching bikers with the message of true freedom in Jesus Christ.